Pendant Light “TurTle”


Pendant origami lamp made of translucent foil.


This translucent half-dome creates soft dispersed light, perfect for cosy atmosphere in any room or study. Equipped with one incandescent slot it is suitable to illuminate any room for usual work and leisure.

For coloured version of this light, please see our listing “Colour Package for Lights”.

Approximate shade dimensions (hand made items may slightly differ from this specification):

size S
lenght / width / hight
40cm / 30cm / 20cm
15.7in / 11.8in / 7.9in

size M
lenght / width / height
58cm / 40cm / 28cm
22.8in / 15.7in / 11in

size L (sewn together from more pieces of foil)
lenght / width / height
90cm / 55cm / 40cm
35.4in / 21.7in / 15.7in

The light is easy to fix to any light socket with 4cm in diameter round opening, such as IKEA Hemma lamp socket. The socket is not provided with the shade.

The light is made of white matte translucent polypropylene foil – heat resistant, easily cleaned with water and soap. Must not come into contact with open fire and freeze.

The lamp is made by creasing, folding, riveting – all of that manually with care and passion.

Please do not hesitate to tell us about your wishes, we have experience with customization of all kinds 🙂 Please note that in such cases the price is set individually.

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S, M, L