Paper Crystal Mosaic Relief Wall Art – CRE 10


Paper crystal mosaic wall art, light as a fresh snow with detail as precise as only a snow flake can have.


We proudly present our original wall art – paper origami mosaic to bring a touch of beauty to your home or office. This is a great gift as well, symmetric abstract art in white inviting everybody to see it in a completely different way, fitting nicely in many interiors.

The wall art is limited to 25 pieces for sale. They all come signed and numbered by the author.

The mosaic is made of fine white paper acid-free archival paper, which lasts for ages. It is cut, creased and carefully folded and put together by hand.

Dimensions of the mosaic itself are:

width: 20cm/7.9 inch
height 17cm/6.7 inch
depth: 4cm/1.6 inch

Frame is not included, but can be part of a custom order. The mosaic comes safely packed in a box.